AW 11 – Product, Food and Still Life

1.1. Product photography

TASK: You are required to take and edit a product image for IKEA.

Do some research on the IKEA website and create a simple mood board with sample photographs from products on the website, showing the style you are imitating. Your final image must meet their online store’s look, feel, size and resolution.

You may shoot any suitable product of your choice, as long as you can envisage it fitting in IKEA. You can choose if you want to photograph the product on a white background or in a lifestyle setting.

Plan your shoot well. Ensure that any label or logo on your product is well lit and sharp.

Post your final photograph along with the mood board.

Mood board:

Product photograph:

1.2. Food photography

TASK: For this task, your client is a local chef that needs a dark and moody food image for a magazine article in which he will be featured.

Plan your image well. It must be in the editorial style. Ensure that focus and composition lead the viewer’s eye to the main subject. Although rules are meant to be broken, the rule of thirds and, in particular, the use of power points can help with this.

Tight crops and all the other design elements, such as lead-in lines and the use of negative space, will add to a strong composition. Edit your image to the best of your ability.

Remember, your image is all about storytelling. Have fun!

1.3. Still life photography

For this task, you’ll create a still life image with a strong artistic style of a small collection of items. The items must have a common theme or symbolic meaning.

The final image will be used in a poster for an art exhibition in your hometown called: 

17th century Stilleven.

You can use window light, artificial light, or a combination of the two.

TIP: A still life image is considered a success if it successfully conveys the narrative or photographer’s message AND if the composition is strong and guides the viewer’s eye through the image.

Add a short description where you elaborate on the theme or symbolic meaning and your intentional placement of objects to create the desired composition.

Be creative and have fun!

For this lesson task I had problems finding older things to use. I decided to use some old Christmas ornaments and candleholders. The theme of course is Christmas. I toke the image in a dark room, with only light from two candles. Beautiful image and will fit very well on a poster for the 17th century.

1.4. Automotive photography

TASK: For this task, you are required to take and edit a lifestyle automotive image.

Let’s pretend you are an aspiring influencer and have been spotting nice cars in your neighbourhood. Shoot lifestyle images of a car of your choice and design your first Instagram post.

Post your four best images and the final Instagram post.