CA 00 – Work Methods


Moodle is our online campus at Noroff. We can also call LMS (Learning Management System) or a system for teaching and learning courses CMS (Course Management System) through the internet for education or teachers. Moodle stands for “ Modular Object – Oriented Dynamic Learning Enviroment “. Many of universities, schools, institutions and tutors are using Moodle.

Moodle abilities:

  • It can be used to prepare event resources and disseminate.
  • It is a program for teaching and learning through the computernetwork system Freeware type that are accepted all over theworld.
  • It can create new date sources or publish documents that havebeen made such as Microsoft office, web page, PDF or image, etc.
  • It has a communication system between student, classmates andtutors such as chat or webboard, etc. Example: students leave questions, teacher leave questions, teacher set up online chat, teacher distribute documents for reading before entering class.
  • There is a quiz system, receiving homework assignments and supporting activities. Giving various grades to submit assignments to do exercises. Making a rating and export to excel.
  • Backing up a single zip file, so it can be recovered in the future in any machine for deciding to use on Moodle.

For me I think Moodle is a good system because it makes the education being easy for everybody to study. People can study anytime they want and everywhere in the world. Students can have communication with teacher and everybody in class by just sitting at home with the computer.

Here is the link for my Reflective Journal: