CA 02 – Logo

The brief we got for our assignment.

Name of establishment: Food & Malt 

Background: Food & Malt is a collaboration between two friends, Anders Braathen and Even Vehla. Anders has a background as a master brewer at Brooklyn Brooklyn Brewery in New York and Nøgne Ø brewery in Grimstad. He also worked as a restaurant manager at Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que in Austin, Texas, and as a cook at Rita’s Bar and Diner in London. While abroad, the friends discovered Dude Food as a growing trend. But instead of kebabs and sausages as a meal, customers can enjoy homemade good quality food on the street or at a pub. With their new company “Food & Malt”, Anders and Even want to introduce this food culture to the Norwegian market, whilst combining it with the modern microbrewery trend.

Food: Good quality homemade lunches and evening snacks. A great selection of beer complement each meal.

Location: Meat Bazaar 

Target Audience: Young urban individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in culture, food, design, trends and the night scene.

Competitors: Do your own research about this and be sure to include it in your report.

Positioning Axis: Traditional with a modern twist. Dishes are affordable and range between 150 and 200 NOK

Style Expressions: Hipster, letterpress, quality, quality, homemade, professional.



The background for this assignment is to do research for a new restaurant that call Food and Malt. The concept is Dude Food and microbrewery.


Chosen location for Food and Malt is Meat Bazaar in Bergen.
The Meat Bazaar in Bergen has a long history of sale of good quality meat and other food. Sales in the area was already done in 1776.
The building Meat Bazaar was open in 1877. The building has been rebuilt and modernized several times, latest in 2012. The later years the building contains mostly restaurants and will be a solid location for Food and Malt.


The word “Dude” originates from the time after the second world war. “The dude is a kind of a rebel, in his own lazy way. And yes, sometime the dude cooks”. What did he make? The dude made easy to make food with menus containing mostly meat.

The modern Dude Food come from truck food or street food and shows up in the early 2000 nd ́s.
Dude Food is manly meat with less fat than street food. Dude Food is comfort and good quality food that originated from southern regions of the USA. The following years Dude Food has expanded to Europe, Oceania and Asia.


Microbrewery is a brewery that produces small amounts of beer. Microbreweries are known for trying new flavors and using different brewing techniques.
The microbrewing movement began in the 1970 ́s in both USA and The United kingdom to demonstrate against large international companies. They sell their beer mostly locally. A brew pub is a pub that brews its own beer for sale in their own pub.


The target group for Food and Malt are urban individuals between 18 and 35 who want to try modern food and different types of beer at an affordable price.


Food and Malt competitors are Bryggeriet Microbryggeri, Matbaren at Zander K Hotel and Røyk BBQ.


This is probably the strongest competitor to Food and Malt. The 2020 travellers choice winner in trip advisor. This restaurant has the best beer in Bergen, a fantastic view of the fjord and very good food.
The microbrewery is in the same building and is opened for tasting.


This is a newer and modern restaurant with a large beer menu from local microbreweries. The philosophy of the menu in Matbaren is to use ecological and sustainable food. You will also find local products in their menu. The restaurant has beer, wine and whisky tasting.


This restaurant serves American BBQ and street food with a large craft beer menu. The bar at the Røyk BBQ is Ginial.
Ginial is a gin bar where they serve gin, tonic, American whiskey and cocktails.

The requirements for the logo are:

  •  It should be simple and easily recognizable
  •  Timeless. Try to use no more than 3 colours
  •  The logo may contain a symbol / figure / ornament. This is optional

Below I made a Mood Board for my Food and Malt logo.



I have used different methods and techniques to come up with my ideas for the design. I try to make it simple and recognizable. I have also chosen one of them to be the main logo. Below are my sketches.

This is the logo that I choose and digitize the logo in Adobe Illustrator. I produce the logo in the following color spaces :

– Black / White



Black / White

I also make two secondary logos that are a little bit different from the main logo. Below are the two secondary logos.



This has been an interesting assignment. There was a lot of work to check out the main competitors. Food and Malt has a very good location to succeed in the restaurant business in Bergen. There are some hip and modern restaurants, but there are also many outdated restaurants. I search the internet and check out other students to get my idea for the logo. I made many sketches, then a Mood Board to finalize my idea for the logo. My logo is timeless and simple with eye – catching colours.

SOURCE REFERENCES food-and-where-did-it-come-fromøttbasaren