Create a wireframe

Now it’s your turn to create your very own website wireframe. In the last assignment, you had to come up with a list of 10 questions for a briefing form. I would like you to now fill in this briefing form, take the answers and create a wireframe for the site. You can choose if you want it to be a lo-tech or hi-tech architecture. Regardless of which method you choose, I would like to see as much detail as possible. Also, please write a short paragraph to explain why you chose the lo-tech or hi-tech option.

My questions :

  1. What kind of visitors are you expecting on your website? (Consider their income, interests, gender and age.)
  2. Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them?
  3. What actions do you want visitors to take on the site?
  4. What is your deadline for completing the site? How big is the budget?
  5. What features should be used on your website? (This includes things like contact forms, pictures, videos, etc.)
  6. Who will be the contact person for this project?
  7. Who will be responsible for maintaining the website? Will the person have the time and skills to do so?
  8. Do you have an existing design or style?
  9. What goals do you want your website to achieve?
  10. How many pages will the website have?

Wireframe :

I chose a lo-tech wireframe because it is easier, faster and cheaper. Don´t have to pay for the program, don´t need computer and internet. Need only paper and pen.