Create a WordPress Theme

To the WordPress website that you started in the previous lesson task, add the hacks mentioned in the lesson: *CMS and WordPress part 3.*

Then do some research on the Internet and find two more hacks to implement on your site.
Please elaborate on why you chose these hacks and how they will benefit your website. You are welcome to add more too.


Some of the hacks mentioned in the lesson the task refers to, I had already done. But some of them I could not find out how to do. For the two more hacks that I did research on the Internet, I chose:

Compress Images for faster load times: Images are one of the heaviest components of a webpage and if you’re not optimizing them, you’re hurting both your site’s performance AND your SEO.

Limit Login Attempts: Brute force attacks are one of the most common forms of attacks used by hackers to get into a WordPress site. You can easily prevent this by limiting login attempts. The plugin Limit Login Attempts Reloaded is written specifically to protect against such attacks.