Loose Juice

Sketching Techniques

You are briefed to do an illustration for fruit juice packaging (orange and banana flavour). The name of the product is: Loose Juice.

  • Draw at least 15 scamps (they can be A6 size each) of what the label will look like. Remember to include the fruit, the name of the flavour and the name of the product.
  • Choose one of your sketches and draw the label, using Adobe Illustrator. The artwork can be A6 (landscape or portrait).

My 15 drawing scamps ( A6 size )

This is my first time that I design many different labels for fruit juice (orange and banana flavour). I use many hours for drawing and designing how it should be. It is not so easy but I try my best to draw 15 of them and this is the result:

I chose one of the sketches and draw the label by using Adobe Illustrator. I chose the one that I think it look ok and it is not really difficult to draw in the Illustrator because this is my first time to use Adobe Illustrator. I have a lot of problems in the beginning to use Illustrator. But after I try to use more and more, it looks like every things get better but I’m still have to practice a lot more about Illustrator. I try my best again to use Illustrator to draw the label. Maybe it is not good enough, but it is my first time to use Illustrator. So, I think it is should be ok for the first time. 😊

My label design by using Illustrator 😊