McDonald´s – SCAMPER

SCAMPER is a simple tool for developing creativity and developing new 

products. By this method it will generate ideas and use them as 

questions to find new alternative solutions to problems. It can also be 

used to think creatively to find solutions to problems and increase the 

efficiency of work. 

SCAMPER is sorted and described as follows:

The parts of the SCAMPER model are evident in its development 

onto its current success for McDonald´s 

Substitute – They changed service from drive-in restaurant to be 

Speedee Service System, which is self-service. They changed various 

cup into paper for quick convenience.  

Combine – They added Hamburger for 15 cents, French fries and 

American Meal into the menu

Adapt – They changed the name from McDonald´s System Inc ( MSI ) to 

be a franchise company called McDonald´s Corporation.

Modify – Logo, Menus, designs were modified to keep up with the times 

and were expanded to international. 

Put to other use – Possibility for children’s birthday with entertainment.

Eliminate – They took away old service system and make new service 

system that is faster service

Reverse – A marketing department was established.

McDonalds history: 

The McDonald brothers Dick and Maurice opens their first restaurant in 

1940. They both run a drive – in restaurant with the name “Dimer”

Which mean 10 cents, so any menu item costs 10 cents. The restaurant 

is in San Bernardino. For being fast service, they designed the 

restaurant to be an octagon. To allow customers to park and order food 

on 8 sides and the cooking area is open for customers to see how to 

cook. Including the food that is cheap. The shop of the 2 brothers is 

considered a huge success.

In 1948 they reopened the new service symbol “Speedee”, which means 

Speedee Service System, which is Self-service.This kind of service 

allows customers to park their car and walk to order food at the window 

without having to wait for the staff (car hop), enabling faster service.

They change also various cups into paper for quick convenience. There 

is a new menu. Hamburgers for 15 cents and this hamburger 

became so popular. After a year, French fries were added to the menu 

as well.

In 1961, Dick & Marice McDonald’s siblings sold their entire stake to Ray 

Kroc. McDonald’s System Inc (MSI) changed its name to McDonald’s 

Corporation until now. McDonald’s already has more than 300 branches 

across America. Hamburger University was established at Elk Grove 

Village, Illinois, to teach store owners how to open McDonald’s, focusing 

on product, place, price, promotion standards. From 1961 to 1968, 

McDonald’s expanded from 300 branches to 1000 branches quickly.

After Ray Kroc became a full-fledged executive, he has fully started his 

promotion. By targeting were the children.

McDonald’s represented the clown Bozo to represent of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s named it Ronald McDonald. The first debuted was in

October 1963 and Ronald McDonald was known through the United 

States in 1965. Ronald McDonald became the official representative of

McDonald´s 1966

In 1968 Big Mac was added to the food list. Promotion, which can be 

considered a key strategy for McDonald’s. Back in 1960, a marketing 

department was established. After that they started to give suggestion 

menu to customer as All American Meal with Hamburger, Fries, and 

Shake for 45 cents.

50th Anniversary McDonald’s.  McDonald’s will then roll out this 50th 

anniversary advertisement to reach 121 countries around the world with 

all five versions of McDonald’s branches open. Serving more than 52 

million customers each day.