Teaspoon – SCAMPER


If we talk about teaspoons, most people probably think about using them for tea, coffee or food. But I will talk about using old teaspoons that people don ́t want to use anymore or people want to throw away.

Instead of people throwing them away, it is better to use them to do something else like making things to use in the house, things to show in the house or can also make things to sell.
Also, using old things to remake, we can help save the environment because we can reduce some garbage in the world.

My idea, I will use old teaspoons to make hangers. People can use them to hang many different things like kitchen towels, coffee cups, jackets, bags, keychains, clothes…etc. I choose to make hangers because it is easy to make and it is not cost so much to make.


Substitute: Change old teaspoons to be hangers and it can make benefit as well.

Combine: Old and new are in the same thing.

Adapt: Instead of buying new things, you can buy old things that are reusable for reducing the garbage and you can also save money because it is cheaper to buy reusable things than new things.

Modify: Reduce the garbage and using the idea to development.

Put to other use: Hang jackets, bags, keychains, clothes. People
can also use in the kitchen like hanging coffee cups or some other kitchen utensils.

Eliminate: Take away the expensive cost for purchasing because you can use things that people want to throw away. Almost don’t have
to pay for things or can just get it for free.

Reverse: If we don ́t use old teaspoons to reuse, it means we have to throw them away for nothing and becomes more garbage.

How it can be marketed

To be marketed, I would like to market my products online because now most people like to shop online more than go out to the shop. It is easier to shop online and save time also. I would like to post my products on sale in many different ways like post on Facebook group “ sell and buy secondhand”, Instagram, Finn.no, Tise, Letgo and make my own web page to sell my products. Sometimes, I would like to make promotions like buy 3 pay 2 or buy up to 500 kr and get one for free.