The Development of the Camera

Question 1

Research, written and practical assignment 

Throughout this lesson you’ve learnt about the various techniques used and inventors that contributed to the art form that is Photography.  Choose only one, do some additional research and in your own words write a report on why you think the chosen technique contributed to what we are able to do today through photography.

  • Explain your research and choice of technique.
  • Include any images which you think are necessary to explain your thought process.
  • This should be 500 – 1000 words.


George Eastman -The Kodak Camera

For my report I have chosen George Eastman and the Kodak Camera. History and developing photography techniques.

George Eastman was the inventor of the Kodak camera, which allows the public to take pictures. 

Early on, in the art of photography, camera and the gear that come with it was very heavy. The wet plate processes required the photographer or an assistant to develop the picture. This took a lot of time and made it very expensive. The skill level has to be high as well, just to make a simple picture.

In 1888 George Eastman invented roll film. The cameras were from then on, lighter and easier to use. The name was Kodak. This of course was a big change in photography.

Kodak Logo 1880 – 1907

The first Kodak camera for the public were preloaded with enough film for 100 pictures. When the film was used, the camera was sent back to the factory to get processed and the pictures were sent back to the photographer. At request, the reloaded camera was sent back to the photographer at extra cost. This is when Kodak famous advertisement arrived with the saying “You press the button – we do the rest” 

The Brownie camera was released in 1900 to target new hobby photographers – children, and with a price tag of $ 1, it became a favorite.

Throughout the years Kodak has developed cameras to be better, smaller and easier to use. So, everybody can take good picture at any time. Later on Kodak invented digital capture camera that changed photography forever. 

This has been an interesting task. Researching the most famous camera made. From the beginning to the end Kodak has had an impressive development. 130 years of developing and at the end having the modern digital camera.


History of Photography: Introduction of Kodak

Question 2

Observation and analysis

After watching the video: Introduction to Photography:

The Camera by Ben Long (1h 52m), please answer the following questions. If necessary, refer to your Camera Manual:

  1. Name all the functions / buttons on the front of your camera

2. Name all the functions / buttons on the back of your camera

3. Explain how you would set the correct ISO

I would set ISO in the lowest values to avoid noise when I take picture outside with a lot of light. But if I take picture in the night time or inside with very little light, I would set ISO in the medium or pretty high values for getting light to the picture.

4. Explain how you would change the aperture

To change the aperture, I would hold down the AV button on the back of the camera and turn the wheel next to the shutter button.

5. Explain how you would change the shutter speed

I would change the shutter speed by turning the wheel next to the shutter button.