Understanding Positioning

1. Look at the following logos and explain in your own words what you consider their positioning to be (do this for each one).


Instagram is a program created as an online community that allows you to know each other’s identity through pictures and short messages. You can learn more about each other byfollowing. Instagram is called in short IG. Instagram can be used for posting photos on Instagram unlimited, short video clips, short messages,  communicate with followers, allows followers to reply to messages in order to chat with IG owners and to connect with people who use the same program by following.

A follow up program system can be created so you are able to follow the movement of people you are interested in at all times. It also gives you the right to interact in the public orsend private messages. Instagram can also be used as a personal diary, updating work andstudygram. Instagram can support the use of various types of smartphones widely. It can also be used for marketing because Instagram can generate unlimited personal popularity. One person can have many hundred thousand or millions of followers, so IG can generate unlimited market value.



Mercedes-Benz is a car manufacturer and producer of the excellent quality cars from Germany.  Mercedes-Benz company produce many different series cars for example Mercedes-Benz A Class, Mercedes-Benz EQC, Mercedes-Benz SLS Class, Mercedes-AMG GT… etc. Mercedes-Benz does not only produce normal cars but they also produce buses and trucks.  Most of the cars from Mercedes-Benz are good quality and expensive. They fit for people who have good jobs and make lot of money.



Mastercard is a medium for payment or payment for services such as shops in leading department stores or any other place that accept paying by mastercard. Mastercard has a global network that is usable and recognized as a international system. There are five types of MasterCard such as MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Platinum, MasterCard World and MasterCard World Elite. They all have different benefits. People who can have mastercard have to be at least 21 years old. If they are 18 years old, they need parental permission. Everybody has to inform about their monthly income. They need to have a positive credit history, acurrent place of residence, signature and date of birth andobtaining permission from those involved.


2. Let’s work backwards! Look at the logo on the Apple iPhone and, by doing your own research, investigate the history of the product and the company that manufactures it. Give an outline, in your own words, of what you consider the following to be:

  • Describe the iPhone’s brand identity – exactly as you see it

If talking about Iphone´s brand identity – exactly, it has to be Apple Iphone. The smart Iphone that has been very popular for long time and almost everybody knows it. Apple Iphone is the smart phone that is easy to use and make life easy because people can do many things in one phone. The special things for Iphone: It received monthly updates, it has many difference app and it can use to connect with Apple Watch.  

  • What do you think its positioning is currently?

Iphone is the smart phone that is good quality and can do many different things such as call, messages, email, shopping, google map, translate, listen to music, seeing movie, chatting, reading, study, internet bank, take picture, searching information, write note, buy stock, do with many difference apps…etc. The people who fit for Iphone, I think is most likely young or not so old people who are interested about technology or want to make life easy with only one smart phone.

  • What do you think the strategy for this specific product was?

Apple strategy for the Iphone was to make high quality smart phones with good design and user friendly features. User experience was important for Apple. They did not want to have difficult features. Their strategy included to always improve their smart phone compared to the competition.

  • What research do you think was done on this by the company who made it?

I would think that the research done by Apple was to find out what the customers wanted in the smart phone and how much people were willing to pay

3. Now take the same product as in question 2 and explain, in your own words, how the visual element (in this case, the logo) fits in with the brand identity.

Going back in time the fruit apple is a sign of wisdom. Taking a bite out of the apple makes you sure that is in fact an apple and a synonym for the unit of volume ( byte ). The company Apple logo is simple and easy for everybody to remember so that everybody knows that is an apple and that it is a sign of wisdom. In this case computer and technology.